Breakdown: S/W Ramp

While R/W Ramp may be the preferred deck in the current meta, some players have chosen to take a S/W variant to battle, replacing cards like Runic Avalanche and cheap ruby removal for Runebind, Merry Caravan, and the powerful Eyes of the Heart.

We can see a recent example in Lyrgoiph’s 4-0 list from the recent FiveShards Arcanum Vault tournament:



4 Palm of Granite


Losing Scars of War and Return to Cinder may seem like it leaves S/W susceptible to early game beaters, but cheap interaction like Runebind and a full suite of Pippit Hustler can blunt the assault and give you time to set up a Wildlife or Merry Caravan followed up with an Eyes of the Heart to end the game. The recent downtrend of Sockets has led to less of a reliance on quick sweepers and the Candles can often out-size your Scars of War quickly. S/W Ramp focuses on value over power through Balthasar’s charge power and repeat value off of Merry Caravan in conjunction with Palm of Granite and Eyes of the Heart.

Out of the reserves, we see extra Eternal Seekers and Dread Ends to come in against aggressive decks and a host of anti-constant and artifact cards for the less common match-ups in Sockets and Adoni/Verdict decks. Verdict of the Ancient Kings and Brosi-Buk can come in against the control match-ups to disrupt their attempts to sculpt hands. Verdict of the Ancient Kings is also a decent answer to Choir of Lumos or a lethal Wings of Wax.

Overall, S/W Ramp seems to be on the rise, possibly overtaking D/W Ramp as the alternate ramp strategy in Standard. R/W Lady Avalanche decks are still the most prominent and arguably the most powerful on the back of Runic Avalanche, though. If Mono-Blood and D/S Ascension continue to be tier one, this version might be the best to take into a tournament.



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