Singles Only – A Look at the Recent Meta

The strangest format we have in Hex is a call back to the Singleton format popularized on Magic: The Gathering’s digital client. Requiring only one copy of any non-basic resource card per deck leads to interesting, unique games. While the meta-game is not solved, there are several leading strategies that have performed well in the various Singles Night tournaments.


The Calilac D/S Control decks focus on bringing together the best removal and value threats. Playing sweepers like Clash of Steel, Sunlit Sentence, and Dread End allows the deck to recover from fast starts by the more aggressive strategies like Sockets and Candles. Typically, this deck finishes the game with Hogarth the Mad, Primordial Gralk, or Dragonspeaker Daliah.

Haraza the Incinerator

The Haraza decks we’ve seen have come in several different flavors. It seems the community has not figured out the best shell to fit this powerful hero ability. The most played version is D/R featuring a mix of aggressive and efficient creatures that take advantage of Illuminate and Valor synergies. Often times these decks will feature the two card combo of Lyvaanth and Blaze of Glory.

Recently, we’ve seen R/W Haraza post a result, utilizing the strength of Speed with the powerful threats from Wild. Cards like Runic Avalanche and Wildlife can generate extreme advances in the boardstate, while Exalted Pathfinder and Merry Caravan can provide a stream of troops and card advantage.


Adoni-Zedek decks have been primarily B/D and obviously centered around the Verdict mechanic. While synergy based decks typically aren’t strong in Singles, as playing only one-ofs leads to a lack of consistency in interactions between cards, it seems enough Verdict cards were printed to support the strategy. Rock format all-stars like Orchi-Kero, In the Halls of Twilight, and Twilight Justice are paired with mass removal like Sunlit Sentence and Frostlock. After stabilizing, these decks turn the corner with the powerful Twilight Eclipse, value beaters like Umbral Guard, Lux Guard, etc., or riding a few Nightfall’s to victory. An added benefit of running Blood is access to the ever-powerful Bride of the Damned and Vampire Queen. When it’s secondary ability is active, Bride can dominate a game all on its’ own.

B/S Control (various heroes)

B/S Control gets two of the best shards for getting into the late game. With powerful counters in Sapphire and efficient removal in Blood, these decks close out with a powerful top end including Primordial Cockatwice, Eternal Seeker, and Ryaalinth the Soulcursed. Once again, Bride is pretty much the most powerful thing you can be doing in Blood and this deck is probably the best shell. It is worthy to note that card advantage can be an issue in these lists as there isn’t a ton great draw spells currently. Relying on Journey into Nightmre, Heart’s Whisper, Alchemite, and Zeota’s Familiar only, you must pick and choose the right spots for your one-for-one removal and be efficient with your actions.


In addition to the aforementioned strategies, the following decks are on the fringe waiting to break through:

D/R Candles

Mono-Diamond Value

R/S Spells (featuring the Engorged Gobbler!)

B/W Deathcry (Takahiro or Plagueroot)

Sockets (some are even tri-shard, most use Bishop Elijah)

Hopefully this small review of the evolving meta-game of Singles prepares you for your upcoming tournament. Thanks for reading.




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