B/D Verdict Value


Adonni-Zeddeck decks focus on the synergy between Verdicts and their Spirits who become large as you create constants. With a pseudo-combo finish in Twilight Eclipse, Gleaming Edict, and Umbral Guard, these decks can win with a quick flying threat in Sunrise Specter or leech the opponent out with the Guard/Eclipse. Cruel Sentence and natural verdicting provides immense amounts of card advantage.

Comparable Archetypes in Other Games

Hearthstone: N/A

MTG: Enduring Ideal, Enchantress


VicD’s B/D Verdict (Fight Night 3-0)

xFerrum’s B/D Verdict (Fight Night 3-0)

CarbonNeutral’s B/D Verdict (Fight Night 3-0)

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