D/S Psychic Ascension


A combo-control deck featuring cheap actions that either dig for your win condition in Psychic Ascension or prevent your opponent from using their cards. This deck runs a suite of troops and troop-making cards in order to draw three cards for one resource with Consult the Talon. Once this deck has turbo’d out a Psychic Ascension, they “go off” by triggering Ascension via casting actions and kill their opponent with the troops generated by this ability.

There are several different versions of this deck with different secondary game plans and support cards, but they all aim to get Psychic Ascension into play and take over the game.

Comparable Archetypes in Other Games

Hearthstone: Miracle Rogue

MTG: UW Approach of the Second Sons, Scapeshift


ThufirHawat’s D/S Psychic Ascension (Bash Top 8)

– This list focuses on a Light the Votives engine with Consult the Talon to propel through your deck.

JeffHoogland D/S Psychic Ascension (Bash Top 8)

– This list uses a troop package of Silver Talon Adjudicator and Dark Heart of Nulzaan for additional value and Threads of Life for recursion.

Heaton’s D/S Ascension (Bash Top 8)

– This list utilizes Runecarver Darcon to gain value out of your actions and runs Arcanovex as a troop for Mobilize plus a cheap action. This is the more “pure” combo list.


ThufirHawat’s D/S Ascension (Bash Top 8)

icecon’s D/S Ascension (Bash – 11th)


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