D/W Momentum


A powerful aggressive deck that relies on the Momentum mechanic and consistently making resource drops, ideally several a turn, to grow their attackers to huge attack/defence. They play troops like Shamrock, the Goldfather and Leprechaun Artist to ensure resource drops, while Orchi-Notion allows them to essentially draw an extra card by playing the top card of the deck. Orchi-Notion with the Fateweave you get off of Lucky Coins acts as a late-game card advantage engine.

Comparable Archetypes in Other Games

Hearthstone: Jade Druid

MTG: R/G Landfall, Miracle Gro, Heartbeat w/ Vinelasher Kudzu


Zbounder’s D/W Momentum (Bash – 11th)

IMindGamerI’s D/W Momentum (Arcanum Vault 4-0)

SargonVito’s D/W Momentum (CCS Top 8)


Traxym’s D/W Momentum (Bash – 10th)


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