Meta Snapshot 1/21-1/28

Welcome to the Fateweave meta snapshot for the week of 1/21-1/28!

Find your favorite format below:


This week we saw Mono-Blood cement itself as the best deck in the format. With a dominating performance in the CCS, we didn’t know exactly how well it would perform when people knew about it and had time to adapt. It turns out that the strategy is extremely strong and resistant. Even the decks that were gunning for Mono-Blood had a difficult time earning a positive win-rate in the face of Withering Gaze and Primordial Cockatwice.

Mono-Blood is the defining deck of the format right now. If you don’t have a strong game plan against this deck going into any tournament, don’t expect to do well. Test with a friend or on ladder if you can and learn this matchup inside out.

In the 1/20 Bash we saw Mono-Blood once again crush the competition, but we also saw a S/W adaptation of the Wild ramp strategies relying on the synergy between Balthasar the Elegist’s hero power and Eyes of the Heart. To combat the rise in Mono-Blood, ramp strategies have increased their number of Merry Caravan, offering a difficult to deal with constant that generates continuous value… great against a deck focusing on attrition and discard.

Aggressive decks are not where you want to be right now unless they can go under ramp strategies, while remaining resistant to Bride of the Damned.

While we continue to see rogue strategies like BigDaddy’s D/R Aggro and Revyd’s B/R Aggro break through to top eight, aggressive strategies overall are not performing well. The top three decks all have strong anti-aggro strategies from removal and Bride of the Damned to Light the Votives recursion and board wipes to just going over the top with Merry Caravan and turn five Eternal Seekers.


While Cloud Combo has continued to be somewhat oppressive, forcing decks to interact or lose in a solitaire fasion, a newcomer (well, not that new if you played the last Standard format) has come to take it’s place. Empress has only had a few 3-0’s in the Immortal Weekly’s, but it wins in a pretty convincing fashion and seems to have good game against Cloud Combo. We don’t currently have any large Immortal tournaments, but when we do, I could see Empress being one of the, if not the, best deck in the format.

Empress will be a powerhouse in Immortal unless the meta has a good way to interact with their resistant strategy.

Wakefield Green has continued to be a consistent, but fair strategy. With Empress gaining popularity and Cloud Combo lists moving to an Empress strategy out of the reserves, we expect to see a decline in performance. Historically, mono-wild strategies have proven themselves strong against the field, but the rise of Empress of Ice may single-handedly suppress these decks.

If Wakefield Green wants to stay relevant, they’ll need to incorporate answers to these lockdown/prison cards.

Gouli piloted a Turbo Ascension list that utilized One Eye Open’s hero power to ready their troops and chain Consult the Talons and Cosmic Calling. Cyclone Shaper effectively makes most of your actions free, enabling you to cycle through your deck with great velocity. This is probably the fastest Psychic Ascension list out there. It will be interesting to see how this archetype will develop as time goes on.


Adoni-Zeddek and Candles continue to be the most consistent archetypes and I don’t see that changing without any new cards or bannings occurring. The strength of these hyper-synergistic strategies is too much for other decks to out-value or out-size. Interestingly, there was a successful run by R/W Wildfire in the latest Fight Night.


Well, Singles continues to be… Singles. One of the most fun and most diverse formats in terms of how the games play out, the format seems to fall into two camps. On one side you have the slower, controlling strategies relying on efficient removal and powerful game ending bombs. On the other, a lower curve with efficient value creatures, often giving two-for-ones.

So far D/S Control and D/R Value seem to be the most consistent archetypes, with B/S Control and Candles not far behind.

If your goal is to spike every Singles’ Night, you should probably be playing D/R or D/S.

My favorite list that has 3-0’d a couple of Singles’ Nights so far is Sorin’s Chase Rare Control or 3-Shard Sorin. Playing the best rares out of the BDS shards, this deck fixes its resources with things like Immortal Tears, dual resources, and Lixil’s Baubel in order to splash diamond for the format defining Dragonspeaker Daliah and Sunlight Sentence. Added value from Silver Talon Adjudicator and a reserve full of the best diamond reserves cards allow the deck to attack and defend from multiple angles.

That’s it for this week’s Meta Snapshot! Thanks for tuning in, best of luck to those competing this week and we’ll see you next week for our update. 

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