S/W Psionic Barrage


This combo deck focuses on using Monk of the Sacred Stones to recur cards that have been made to cost only 1 or less using Mindcall. The card Illusory Form allows you to repeat the effect of the Monk and continue to “storm” your opponent out of the game. Psionic Barrage eventually mills for 10-15 and you just recur it on your opponent a few times using your loop and pass the turn to your dead-to-his-next-draw opponent.

Comparable Archetypes in Other Games

Hearthstone: Mill Rogue

MTG: Brainfreeze Storm, Familiar/Sapphire Medallion Storm


philol’s S/W Psionic Barrage (Fight Night 2-1)

Gouli’s S/W Psionic Barrage (Fight Night 2-1)

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