S/W Ramp


A traditional ramp strategy that utilizes cards that enable you to rush out your resource drops ahead of your opponent in order to play expensive cards earlier than you would be able to playing out one resource a turn. This version gets to play the powerful Eyes of the Heart to take extra turns and power up Balthasar the Elegists ability. These lists leverage the strength of the difficult to interact with Merry Caravan and making several land drops per turn.

Comparable Archetypes in Other Games

Hearthstone: Midrange Druid, Malygos Druid

MTG: Turbo Land, R/G Eldrazi Ramp


YungDingo’s S/W Ramp (Bash Finalist)*

*There hasn’t been a lot of development or variation on this list.



DistantSouth’s S/W Ramp (CCS – 21st)

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