Video: Playtest Series R/D Ardent vs Mono B

Lifetilt is joined today by Squeakycookie in our first attempt at a playtest series video.

Lifetilt will be playing RubyDiamond Ardent Valor which had a 8-1 run in the recent Platinum Plunder. Squeakycookie will be playing his Mono Blood list that took him to a top 8 finish at the Platinum Plunder last week.

Mono Blood Control:

Main Deck Reserves
17x Blood Shard 3x Disruptor Drone
4x Necropolis Coins 3x Blight Knight
4x Blood Ice 1x Blood’s Favor
4x Withering Gaze 2x Roplipopper 4000
4x Strangle 1x Massacre
4x Vampire Prince 3x Stalking Quarry
1x Blood’s Favor 1x Journey into Nightmare
4x Bride of the Damned 1x Eternal Seeker
3x Zeddok’s Judgement
4x Herofall
3x Massacre
1x Journey Into Nightmare
2x Dark Heart of Nulzann
1x Vampire Queen
3x Primordial Cockatwice
1x Eternal Seeker

Ruby/Diamond Ardent Valor:

Main Deck Reserves
6x Ruby Shard 2x Blinding Ire
9x Diamond Shard 2x Dispel
4x Well of Conquest 2x Return to Cinder
4x Ruby Ice 2x Wise Magistrate
3x Guidance 3x Arcing Rust
4x Intrepid Conjurer 2x Threads of Life
3x Wartorn General 2x Hyperborean Huntmaster
2x Llama Herder
1x Wise Magistrate
2x Righteous Outlaw
4x Ardent Crusader
2x Hero of Legend
3x  Scion of Lyvaanth
4x Moonrise Elder
4x Heart of Embers
1x Lyvaanth
4x Blaze of Glory

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