Fateweave Tournament Circuit


As we continue to grow and maintain our website and community, we hope to be able to branch into a tournament series that provides a high level of competition with prize support to match.

We’ll have more concrete ideas to announce later on, but our initial plan is to eventually run weekly events that award points towards a leaderboard and invitations based on standings to a seasonal, invitation-only tournament. Attendees will have to either win an invitation through the weekly tournament, fight for leaderboard standings to qualify on placing, or win a unique tournament attached to events like set releases and holiday events. No format will be ignored as our tournaments will hopefully be multi-format. We would like to push players out of their respective format comfort zone.

Our secondary tournament goal is to create a team competition where, while you compete individually, you collect points as a team (designated amount of team members) and work towards an end of the season reward based on team leaderboard position. This system would run alongside our other tournaments, but add a cohesion and group effort element for those that wish to participate.

With your support and input, we strive to make competitive Hex even more robust. Check back soon for updates!